Emotional Support Humans in Health Affairs

Horizon Foundation President and CEO Nikki Highsmith Vernick penned a guest post in Health Affairs’ Grantwatch blog about “Why We Are Building A Community Of “Emotional Support Humans” “…we created a different kind of mental health campaign— one that encourages people to approach this subject with humor and without fear or shame.” Read the full blog post.

Baltimore Sun: Columbia-based Horizon Foundation’s new mental health campaign aims to be ‘fun and edgy’

Our Emotional Support Human Etiquette campaign was featured in the Baltimore Sun, Howard County Times and Columbia Flier. Cartoons and clever word play are the key elements of a new Horizon Foundation campaign that aims to empower people to help others who struggle with mental health challenges. “Emotional Support Human Etiquette” is a multimedia effort that’s a play on the role of emotional support animals and a tongue-in-cheek handbook of what constitutes good and bad human behaviors. Read the full story.

Walking with a friend illustration

Announcing the “Emotional Support Human Etiquette” campaign

Walking across a computer keyboard: Irritating! Taking a walk with a worried friend: Excellent! Today, the Horizon Foundation launched a new public outreach campaign designed to help people effectively support those in their lives who may be struggling with mental health challenges. The “Emotional Support Human Etiquette” campaign, modeled after the concept of emotional support animals that provide comfort to many, aims to normalize conversations around mental health and offer tips for people to approach those conversations. “We all know someone in our lives – a friend, a family member, a neighbor – who is struggling with mental health, yet…